Apr 7, 2022
GreenGro Technologies to Offer Vertical Indoor Grow Racks

GreenGro Technologies, Inc., an established provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the industrial hemp and cannabis industries, has introduced its proprietary eco-friendly, sliding vertical grow racks for the hemp and cannabis industries.

The company’s turnkey grow racks, which can be double or triple stacked and customized to specifications, should help hemp growers increase footprint, maximize crop yield and save water.

The company’s first-generation vertical grow racking systems allows growers to enhance their productivity, profitability and earnings by converting wasted aisle space into valuable grow space by easily being able to move entire rows of crops with a simple push or a pull to utilize nearly all of their available space for growing.

“With over 30 years of leading experience in the hydroponics industry, we felt the development and launch of our own vertical indoor grow system was a natural extension of our core business,” said James Haas, Chairman and COO of GreenGro Technologies, Inc. “Our indoor grow racks use the latest hydroponics technology to create a mobile rack structure fitted with trays, lighting and ventilation equipment which can be adapted to meet available space. We believe this vertical indoor grow technology will bring us one step closer towards a greener, more sustainable future as it produces higher quality crops while significantly reducing operating expenses and production costs.”

For additional information please visit www.greengrotech.com.

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