Jul 6, 2021
GrowRay Technologies Receives Patent for Advanced Triangular Extrusion Lighting Design

GrowRay Technologies, a cannabis technology company owned and operated by licensed cultivators, has been issued U.S. Patent No. US 10900638 B2 (“Shade and Shadow Minimizing Luminaire”) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

GrowRay invented this product, the Triangular Extrusion Shade Reduction Bar, for horticulturists and cannabis cultivators to use in tandem with the GrowRay full-spectrum LED lights and light-sensing Adaptive Controller in greenhouses and in all other growth applications. When paired together, the system reduces energy consumption compared to any other greenhouse lighting option on the market by optimizing efficient light across the plant canopy. Click here for a video explanation of the newest patented product from GrowRay.

GrowRay’s Triangular Shade Reduction Bar design has a unique geometry that reduces the cost of supplemental greenhouse lighting by reflecting available sunlight into the plant canopy below. GrowRay’s patented triangular light bars are made of highly reflective aluminum to provide uniform, homogeneous PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) without additional shading.

“Light distribution and efficiency is extremely important when designing a greenhouse, whether you’re growing tomatoes or cannabis. You often see companies shrink their fixtures to try and reduce shade, which ultimately results in extremely poor light coverage overall,” said  Ash Ganley, GrowRay Technologies CEO. “Without a design that specifically supports optimum light distribution, shrinking fixtures will mean less uniformity, less production and, ultimately, less profit. Our design, paired with the GrowRay full-spectrum LED lights and our light sensing Adaptive Controller, is proven to provide more light distribution to produce more crops with less energy- and most importantly, without shading or blocking natural sunlight.”

Compared to other fixtures on the market, the GrowRay Triangular Extrusion Shade Reduction Bar also reduces the absorbed heat from the sun, which significantly lengthens LED lifetime, saving even more money long term.

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