Nov 9, 2021
Joint Venture to Develop New Nano Enhanced CBG Products

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. has formed the previously announced joint venture (JV) with Biolinear Technologies Inc. The JV will design, produce and sell cannabinoid-based products that utilize the technologies developed by Biolinear. Ownership and profits of the JV will be evenly split between Maple Leaf and Biolinear.

The JV will combine Biolinear’s CES, GelPatch, and NanoSpheres technologies with MGW’s hemp products to develop a new product line. This proprietary Product will be in effect for one (1) year. Either party can renew this agreement with 60 days’ notice. MGW will distribute, on behalf of the JV, to its existing and potential client base consumer products containing the Biolinear technology.

Biolinear is a technology company based in Nevada that researches and develops cannabinoid enhancement and delivery technologies. Biolinear’s technologies include the Cannabinoid Enhancement System (CES), GelPatch, and NanoSpheres. The CES dissolves isolates, crudes, or distillates into a pure Molecular Solution, boasting a particle size of ~1 nanometer, which increases the bioavailability and unlocks the full potential of cannabinoid products. Products enhanced with CES will allow consumers to experience the benefits and effectiveness of CBG more quickly. GelPatch is an odorless, colorless transdermal and topical delivery system for soluble and insoluble drugs, including cannabinoids. NanoSpheres is a time-release oral drug delivery technology especially suited for high/bulky dose and/or sustained release applications.

“We are excited to move forward with Biolinear and form this Joint Venture,” said Raymond Lai, Maple Leaf’s president and chief executive officer. “We expect this to be an excellent opportunity for both companies to get these industry-leading products in the hands of consumers.”

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