Oct 26, 2021
Maratek Announces New Cannabis Extraction Products

Maratek, a specialist in solvent recycling, and cannabis/hemp extraction equipment, has announced a new lineup of Solventless Cold Water Extraction products, and a next-generation Falling Film Evaporator unit, giving companies a more effective way to extract cannabis and hemp oil.

The new lineup of products, which were launched at the MJBizCon 2021 exhibition, give organizations in the cannabis and hemp industry the opportunity to improve the quality of their product, increase extraction yields and build efficient and scalable processes.

Maratek’s new lineup of products is made up of three professionally engineered technologies, including The Trident – Batch Cold Water Extraction Equipment, The Poseidon – Continuous Cold Water Refining Equipment, and The Helios – The Most Energy Efficient Recovery Solution in the cannabis/hemp industry.

Maratek also featured some of its upcoming technologies at the show, including the new MIPillate Technology (a distillate replacement) including fat removal and heavy metal remediation being developed together with Ligar, and the new high purity Gold Standard Full Spectrum oil production system.

The Helios

The Helios is the “next generation evolution” of the traditional falling film evaporator unit commonly used in cannabis & hemp extraction.

When recovering solvents, you heat and cool at the same time. The Helios includes Maratek’s new patent-pending heat pump technology which utilizes the heating and cooling produced to perform the evaporation and condensing processes, rather than letting the energy go to waste (as per conventional FFE systems on the market today). This net result is a potential 65% or more in energy savings in addition to removing the need for a separate chiller or additional heaters.

The Helios includes a fully automatic PLC system, with the choice of Siemens or Allen-Bradley. The system offers complete data logging, and remote access with both Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity, allowing the PLC to be secured, controlled, and viewed remotely anywhere in the world. This remote access also allows Maratek to remotely provide quick response service and support.

Sizes for the Helios start at 60 gallons per hour, scaling up to hundreds of gallons per hour. In addition, the Helios has been designed to be flexible and compatible with multiple solvents such as ethanol, isopropyl, pentane, hexane, heptane, etc.

The Trident by Maratek
The Trident by Maratek

The Trident

The Trident Cold Water Extraction unit is an innovative solventless cold water extraction technology, providing organizations with an extraction method that requires no solvents while still producing high-quality hash and oil products. Maratek designed this system in conjunction with HashCo, a publicly traded Canadian company specializing in hash.

In traditional water extraction systems, it is common practice to use internal mixing or agitation which can damage the biomass and trichomes, increasing impurities and lowering the quality of the end product. With the Trident’s external agitation design, these issues are avoided, thereby making the Trident Cold Water Extraction System the ideal trichome separation solution for premium quality hash and oil products. The Trident comes complete with a full PLC and easy-to-use HMI for automation controls and data logging, as well as being a completely closed loop with filtration and water chilling.

The Trident comes GMP ready, with EU GMP, 3A, and pharma-grade designs available.

The Poseidon

Lastly in Maratek’s new product line is The Poseidon, Maratek’s new fully automatic and continuous biomass reduction solution to optimize extraction operation and efficiency. Instead of using expensive liquid nitrogen, the innovatively engineered Poseidon solution uses water to reduce biomass volumes by 80%

By concentrating the trichomes of the biomass utilizing water, The Poseidon will allow large-scale extractors to significantly reduce the amount of biomass to be put through their systems, thereby allowing for immense savings in operational costs that go right to the bottom line. It is also a way to easily and efficiently increase the overall production capacity of an existing extraction line.

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