Dec 7, 2021
MedMen Expands Product Portfolio with Exclusive Strains

MedMen Enterprises Inc., a cannabis retailer with operations across the nation, has expanded its wide-ranging product assortment to include seven of today’s hottest cannabis brands. The latest iteration of MedMen’s ever-expanding inventory will include new products from brands Fireball, Kush Co, Peaches, Papa’s Herb, Congo Club, Nasha and Dr. Greenthumb.

“More important than expansion itself is expanding with the right portfolio mix, one that excites consumers with new genetics and flavor profiles while delivering high-quality, consistent effects,” said Tyson Rossi, SVP of Product & Revenue, MedMen. “MedMen is always seeking the best cannabis brands – from small craft collectives to national celebrity brands – to better serve our diverse base of customers and patients.”

New products from the following brands will be available in select MedMen locations:

  • Fireball: The official cannabis product of Fireball Whisky – 100mg packs of sativa-infused THC gummies, hand-crafted with signature fiery flavoring for a truly uplifting edible experience.
  • Papa’s Herb: A California-founded brand focused on affordable and high-quality flower, concentrates and cartridges, sustainably sourced from generational family farms within the Emerald Triangle.
  • PEACHES: The limited-edition pre-roll collaboration by Palms and Justin Bieber, featuring 3.5g packs of seven 0.5g pre-rolls in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains, all with a signature “peachy” flavor.
  • Kush Co: Industry powerhouse Kush Co’s collaboration with iconic rapper YG on an exclusive strain combining elements of Jack Herer and OG for a euphoric high.
  • Congo Club: Artisan-grown cannabis from the boutique cultivator behind Red Congolese, one of the most sought-after Bay Area strains.
  • Nasha: Premium cold-water hash derived from small-batch, locally sourced craft cannabis.
  • Insane by Dr. Greenthumb: Ultra-premium indoor cannabis from rapper B-Real.

This latest portfolio expansion is a testament to MedMen’s new era of post-turnaround accelerated growth and demonstrates the Company’s commitment to trusted, high-quality products and unparalleled service. MedMen’s full inventory of vaporizers, concentrates, pre-rolls and flower are available in stores or through the Company’s proprietary online ordering service for all patients and Buds rewards members.

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