Jun 14, 2023
Moleaer exhibiting and speaking at Cultivate‘23

The nanobubble technology company, Moleaer, is exhibiting at Cultivate‘23, booth #2332, on July 15-18, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio, at the Columbus Convention Center.

Cultivate’23 is the premier event for the entire green industry, horticulture, nursery and landscaping, and is known to attract thousands of industry professionals and visitors from all over the globe. There are numerous educational sessions, networking opportunities and an expo.

Healthy crops need good quality irrigation water, though many growers struggle with poor water quality, disease pressure and biofilm accumulation. Growers worldwide are using chemical-free nanobubble technology to solve these challenges. Moleaer’s nanobubble generators improve water quality, increase root development, suppress pathogens, control biofilm and more. Their patented technology does this by supersaturating irrigation water with dissolved oxygen (DO) and nanobubbles.

Harster Greenhouses, a state-of-the-art 15-acre greenhouse in Ontario, Canada, installed Moleaer’s nanobubble generator in their grow facility to improve water quality. As a result, they achieved a consistent 6-week growth cycle, down from 8 weeks, reduced fertilizer usage by 18 percent and improved plant resilience to shipping conditions. These results helped them provide better quality crops to their customers while reducing inputs.

“Using a Moleaer nanobubble generator led to bigger plants and more root mass. Propagation was also sped up by 10 days and reduced the final weeks of flowering by 10 days,” said Bart Kouwenberg, head grower at Harster Greenhouses.

Moleaer will have their Neo N Nanobubble Generator on display at their booth, #2332. The Neo N is designed for greenhouse growers to optimize their irrigation water. Speak with Moleaer staff at the booth to learn more about this technology and how nanobubbles can save resources, increase yields and improve water quality.

While at Cultivate’23 be sure to join Davey Rock from Moleaer on Monday, July 17, at 2:00 p.m. ET at the Back2Basics: Watering for Success panel discussion. The conversation will cover best practices for irrigating crops and how to use water more efficiently for the best ROI and crop quality.

For more information, please visit moleaer.com.