Jun 20, 2022
Montana Limits Tribal Marijuana Cultivation Licenses

The Department of Revenue (DOR) plans to cap combined grow licenses for tribes in Montana at Tier 1, the smallest size of no more than 1,000 square feet of grow space. This is according to a letter sent on June 2 to the Economic Affairs Interim Committee by DOR Director Brendan Beatty and reported by the Montana Free Press.

In the letter, Beatty insists that the language in House Bill 701 requires this Tier 1 cap, but the Montana Free Press notes that after the legislative session in 2021, lawmakers confirmed tribes could scale up over time, just like any conventional cultivation license.

“During the last legislative session, a lot of the tribes and the legislators saw this as an opportunity, finally, for the tribes to get in on equal footing on the ground floor of the marijuana industry, and start bringing in additional revenue for themselves,” said state Sen. Jason Small, R-Busby, a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe.

For the complete article, visit the Montana Free Press. 

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