Sep 5, 2019
New Herbicide Available from OHP

OHP, Inc. has announced the introduction and immediate availability of Fuerte herbicide — a pre-emergent combination granular product that controls broadleaf and grassy weeds in field, container and landscape ornamentals.

Fuerte provides residual weed control of many common and difficult-to-control weeds such as oxalis, spurge and elicpta on trees, shrubs, conifers and landscape ornamentals without harming desirable plant material.

The two active ingredients – flumioxazin and prodiamine – are widely known and used by growers throughout the U.S.

“The dual active ingredients in Fuerte are natural partners that have a proven track record for excellent weed control and overall plant tolerance,” says Dave Barcel, OHP senior technical manager. “Fuerte offers the strength needed for weed control in the tough summer months.”

“Flumioxazin is active on many broadleaf weed and some grasses. Prodiamine is active on many grassy weeds and some broadleaf weeds,” says Barcel.

Formulated on an engineered granule, Fuerte produces virtually no dust and low odor, resulting in improved worker safety and ease of application.

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