Jan 25, 2022
New West Genetics Introduces Genetic Trait that Doubles Hemp Yields

New West Genetics announces AMPLIFY, a family of hemp varieties with a genetic trait that doubles grain and flower yields. This trait enables the transformation of hemp from a small acre specialty crop to a large-scale, commercially competitive hybrid crop.

The scientists at NWG have bred a breakthrough genetic trait that creates hemp populations with up to 99% female plants, rather than the typical 50%. Because female plants produce all the grain and flowers, and the best performing fiber, AMPLIFY increases yields for valuable hemp products along the supply chain. This benefits everyone from growers to consumers while still offering the ease of mechanical crop production.

“We are excited to add this novel, transformative trait to our high performing portfolio of varieties,” said Wendy Mosher, New West Genetic’s CEO. “Importantly, this trait allows our seed producers to efficiently multiply seed at scale, unlike with traditional chemically feminized seed. This edge makes it possible for our industry to market hemp as a viable alternative to traditional protein and healthy oil sources. This 2022 season our team will be multiplying seed, then AMPLIFY is on the way to pilot launch in 2023, with a full launch in 2024.”

Hemp grain has a protein profile similar to soy and an Omega-rich lipid profile that does not exist in other crops. AMPLIFY’s higher percentage of female plants, along with better overall seed performance, paves the way for doubling the yields seen today and enables the crop to compete with traditional protein and lipid sources like soy or canola.

“When we talk to growers and processors, they express the need for more consistent and productive genetics with proven results,” Jamie Campbell Petty, executive director of the Midwest Hemp Council. “With AMPLIFY, NWG continues its tradition of leading the industry in quality genetic research and seed development. Myself and other members of the Midwest Hemp Council are excited to be working with New West Genetics to bring AMPLIFY to growers and processors seeking a quality hemp supply chain.”

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