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Oct 16, 2022
New York Announces Cannabis Compliance Training Program

The Office of Cannabis Management has announced the Cannabis Compliance Training and Mentorship (CCTM) Program, a 10-week program based on existing farmer apprenticeship and fellowship programs, with an explicit goal of growing and diversifying the pipeline of farmers and processors preparing to participate in New York’s adult-use cannabis industry.

The inaugural CCTM program will consist of a series of structured webinars covering a range of topics on cannabis cultivation and processing, agribusiness management and regulatory compliance. The program will be made available to individuals with horticultural experience who are interested in cultivating cannabis in a regulated market.

Members of communities traditionally underrepresented in farming are encouraged to apply. The application window for this program will open on October 20 and close on November 3.

Holders of Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator (AUCC) and Adult-Use Conditional Processor (AUCP) licenses will be supporting program participants as part of the requirements for their license while helping to create a pathway to the industry.

“The New York cannabis industry promises ample opportunities, and we are helping New Yorkers to prepare themselves so they can take advantage of them,” said Tremaine Wright, chair of the Cannabis Control Board. “We know that many New Yorkers have experience growing and processing plants. Now we’re offering the compliance skills training necessary to thrive in our regulated industry.”


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