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Jun 7, 2022
North Carolina Senate Acts as Hemp Legalization Expires

North Carolina legislators have approved a bill that would keep hemp and CBD legal after the state’s temporary legalization of the crop is set to end June 30.

According to North Carolina news outlet FOX8 WGHB, Senate Bill 762 passed unanimously on May 31. The bill’s next stop is approval in the House and then governor’s signature before becoming law.

Since hemp farming became legal under federal law in 2014, there are about 1,500 hemp growers and more than 1,200 processors in North Carolina registered under the USDA Domestic Hemp Production Rule, according to WGHB. But North Carolina has looked at this as a pilot program, which is scheduled to end in June. Since January all those producers had to be registered under that USDA rule.

To read the complete article, visit WGHB. 


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