May 5, 2021
Ohio Company Begins Producing Single-Step Liquid Fertilizer

In late 2020, British biochemist and plant scientist, Dr. Russell Sharp, announced a major breakthrough in both hydroponics and soil cultivation. Gold Leaf is the world’s first, true single-step liquid fertilizer to contain every essential plant nutrient in one bottle.

Gold Leaf is now being manufactured in the US., and distributed by Gold Leaf US Distributors, LLC, located in West Chester, Ohio.

Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf’s single-step liquid fertilizer

A unique chemistry has been discovered that keeps all of the essential nutrients available during every stage of a plant’s growing cycle. This scientific advancement includes a proprietary method that prevents nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus from forming calcium phosphate, and calcium and sulfur from forming calcium sulfate. These nutrients can now be combined with all the other nutrients required for growing plants, from seed to harvest, without precipitating out. This single-step process radically simplifies growing, while producing better crops, cost-effectively.

Gold Leaf also instantly dechlorinates tap water and is pH optimized so there’s no need to make pH adjustments at any time. It has very low EC, sodium and metal content, and is extremely concentrated. A one-gallon bottle produces over 1,000 gallons of solution for most crops and plants.

Gold Leaf has proven to produce a wide range of high-quality vegetables, plants, flowers, herbs, etc., and works extremely well when growing cannabis and hemp.

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