Aug 31, 2020
P.L. Light Systems Releases Cannabis Cultivation Guide

A new Cannabis Cultivation Guide from P.L. Light Systems features the latest knowledge on cannabis cultivation in relation to the light environment.

With a rapidly expanding legal cannabis market in North America, there has been an increase in the number of cultivation operations in both indoor and greenhouse applications. Growing cannabis in a controlled environment allows for control over many environmental factors – including lighting, temperature, CO2, watering and fertilization. Controlled-environment cultivation, under supplemental or sole-source lighting, allows for a high quality and uniform yield by influencing many factors such as morphology and metabolic activity.

Choosing a lighting system for your application is a large investment and it can be hard to know where to begin. Cannabis is a crop that requires high light intensities for proper development and growth, as well as critical photoperiods to initiate specific growth stages. Having a reliable and efficient lighting system is important not only for plant growth, but for increasing yields and maximizing profits.

Learn how to maximize yields with smart lighting strategies in P.L. Light Systems new Cannabis Cultivation Guide. Packed with the latest information on cannabis cultivation in relation to the light environment, the guide provides growers with a full scope of lighting solutions for both indoor and greenhouse cannabis applications.

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