Jul 24, 2019
Plant Aid Expands Leadership Team and Acquires Land for Testing

California startup, Plant Aid, an agriculture company that specializes in the development of eco-friendly, non-toxic products formulated with hypocholrus acid from electrolyzed water (or HOCI) recently welcomed horticulturist Bill Artwohl and farmer Will Mercer to its leadership team.

Will Mercer will play a major role in distribution and sales, as well as research and development. His rich family history in farming dates back to the 1800s. Will’s 1,300-acre farm dates back five generations and currently grows soybeans, tomatoes, string beans, radishes and beets.  The farm also recently began growing hemp as a new venture.

“We started growing hemp this year and we are so impressed with all of the test plants that have been treated by Plant Aid,” said Mercer. “It is a night and day difference. Production has increased and the size
difference in our plants is drastic.”

Bill Artwohl brings over a decade of experience to the Plant Aid team. Focusing mainly on genetic variation, his flagship site sits on 26 acres in a remote area of Arizona — the most northern tip of the Sonoran Desert. This operation embraces the extreme conditions in efforts to discover tolerant cultivars for the region.

“I have had tremendous success with Plant Aid in regard to cleaning out bio-film in irrigation systems that have seen organic supplementation,” said Artwohl. “Increased time in between cleanings with no adverse effects on system components (eating away at system components like seals in pumps, solenoid valve, emitters, etc).”

Together Will Mercer and Bill Artwohl add 1,326 acres of land for continued testing, product development and cultivation.

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