Jun 27, 2019
Rancho Tissue Technologies Enters Hemp/CBD Markets

Rancho Tissue Technologies is entering the hemp and hemp/CBD markets, offering clean, high-quality, true-to-type tissue culture and propagation of hemp.

“With 40 years of tissue culture experience, I regularly receive requests from growers wanting tissue=cultured microcuttings and liners of popular hemp selections or of their own genetics,” says Owner and Founder Heather Hunter May. “Hemp fits in well with the lab’s history of tissue culture and exclusive work for high-value crops from growers around the world.”

As a registered hemp cultivator with California’s San Diego County, Rancho Tissue Technologies will tissue culture hemp at the lab in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The lab will provide custom contract growing for growers’ own selections, as well as tissue culture of the most in-demand hemp selections. Rancho Tissue will accept orders from registered hemp growers located in any U.S. state, and will also hold genetics for other hemp growers.

For more information or to order hemp or other varieties, contact 858.756.6785 or info@ranchotissue.com, or visit www.ranchotissue.com.

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