Mar 23, 2023
Segra International releases 2023 cultivar catalogue

Vancouver-based cannabis tissue culture nursery and agriculture technology company, Segra International, announces the release of its 2023 “Growers Collection” Cultivar Catalogue. It includes a diverse collection of over 25 cannabis varieties, including 12 new cultivars specifically selected to meet the needs of the global cannabis market.

In mid-2022, the company conducted a comprehensive characterization trial of 19 tissue culture cultivars, which were meticulously tested for a range of known cannabis pathogens and mapped on a phylogenetic tree via DNA fingerprinting. After evaluating market demands, gathering data and cultivating the varieties, Segra carefully selected the highest quality cultivars to offer to the global cannabis market.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of our 2023 Growers Collection Cultivar Catalogue,” said Matthew Don-Carolis, director of sales at Segra. “Our agronomy, marketing, tissue culture, and molecular biology teams have worked together diligently to bring to market a collection of winning genetics. As leaders in cannabis tissue culture, we are proud to present this collection to growers globally.”

Based in Canada where cannabis is federally legal, Segra is uniquely positioned to ship plants to legal jurisdictions around the world. As a leader in the cannabis tissue culture industry, the company has established partnerships with Canadian and international breeders to create a steady pipeline of cultivars and breeder relationships. “Segra’s investment in research and development has resulted in key breakthroughs that allows us to offer true-to-type cannabis cultivars with superior pathogen-resistance and improved cannabinoid expression, making these prized cultivars available to the global cannabis industry” said Jamie Blundell, Segra’s CEO.

View Segra’s 2023 Growers Collection Cultivar Catalogue.

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