May 6, 2016
SePRO Launches Summer Insecticide Program

SePRO Corporation has launched its 2016 Summer Insecticide Program featuring Akari Miticide/Insecticide and Talus Insect Growth Regulator, to help growers battle greenhouse pests.

The 2016 Summer Insecticide Program is a two-fold promotion. The first is an instant rebate and the second part rewards the customer with a popular YETI Rambler.

According to Mark Brotherton, portfolio leader for SePRO, the two chemistries have been tried and tested throughout the industry. Both Akari and Talus provide broad-spectrum control across their labeled pests and exceptional crop safety for flowering and sensitive plants. “The Summer Insecticide Program gives managers the best of both worlds, excellent products at an economical cost-in-use plus a cool YETI Rambler,” Brotherton said

Akari is a broad-spectrum miticide providing outstanding control across multiple mite species including spider, broad, cyclamen, red and rust mites. Akari stops feeding immediately and ceases egg laying. Akari is labeled for use on greenhouse vegetables and indoor and outdoor ornamentals.

Talus is a very effective insecticide on whiteflies, mealybugs, aphids, soft scales, armored scales and leafhoppers yet gentle to beneficials and pollinators. Talus is a great mix/rotation partner with Rycar Insecticide, expanding MOA and life stages controlled. Talus can also be used on greenhouse vegetables and indoor and outdoor ornamentals.

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