Aug 22, 2020
Shield Your Crops with Mainspring GNL

{SPONSORED} Mainspring® GNL is a broad-spectrum, non-neonicotinoid insecticide that, when used preventively, keeps pest populations from building to damaging levels by stopping insect feeding upon ingestion. It is powered by the active ingredient cyantraniliprole, a powerful resistance management tool in IRAC Group 28. 

Mainspring GNL controls a variety of key chewing and sucking pests such as:

• Thrips
• Whiteflies
• Aphids
• Caterpillars
• Leafminers
• Leaf-feeding beetles
• Soft scales
• Lace bugs

How should you use Mainspring GNL?

Greenhouse Crops — Mainspring GNL can be used as a spray on young plants and ornamentals with a short crop time (usually less than 8 weeks). Early in the growing stage, you can make two preventive foliar applications on a 14-day interval to keep young plants clean and protected. You can also use Mainspring GNL as a drench for larger plants and those with longer crop times, such as poinsettias. For longer crops such as hanging baskets, Mainspring GNL should be applied as a drench once plants have rooted into the container.

Nursery Crops — For nursery perennial crops, Mainspring GNL should be applied as a foliar spray as needed when pest pressure is starting. Applying on a 14-day interval provides excellent protection. Once plants have rooted into their containers, Mainspring GNL can be applied as a drench for longer and broader control across the pest spectrum.

When applying Mainspring GNL to nursery woody crops, apply as a foliar spray as needed when pest pressure is beginning. By using systemic soil treatments on woody crops, you can ensure your crops will have season-long protection from soft scales, adelgids, plant bugs, psyllids, leafminers and leaf-feeding beetles.

Best Practices for Drench Applications — Drench applications should only be applied once the plants have begun to root into their containers, which typically occurs about 2-3 weeks after transplant. The more roots that are present, the more Mainspring GNL that will be absorbed and moved systemically up into the plant canopy, which will provide up to 10+ weeks of protection.

Additional Mainspring GNL Benefits

Mainspring GNL is an excellent addition to integrated pest management (IPM) programs because of its compatibility with many biological control agents, such as nematodes, parasitoids (i.e. Encarsia and Eretmocerus spp.) and predatory mites. Minimal personal protective equipment is required, and it features a 4-hour REI (restricted-entry interval) and no signal word on the label.

Shield your greenhouse and nursery crops from insect pests today with Mainspring GNL.

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