Aug 26, 2021
Southern Hemp Expo Spotlights Women in Hemp

The third annual Southern Hemp Expo (SHE3) is proud to feature women experts, farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs at the East Coast’s largest hemp supply-trade trade show at the Raleigh Convention Center, Sept. 2-4.

Many of the 3-day expo’s conference educators and panelists are among the most notable women in the hemp space today, as well as many up-and-coming hemp leaders to watch.

“We appreciate and honor all of the women who are exhibiting their leadership in the maturing hemp marketplace, creating jobs and opportunities, and helping pave the way for hemp’s resurgence in all parts of American life,” said Morris Beegle, president of We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA) and co-founder of the Southern Hemp Expo.

Female hemp leaders speaking include:

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, a Harvard-educated, Boston-based medical cannabis expert whose groundbreaking work explores cannabis and human health.
  • World women’s soccer champion Rachael Rapinoe, with sister, Olympic champion Meghan Rapinoe, launched the MENDI Co. for CBD support for elite athlete recovery.
  • Entrepreneur Janel Ralph, CEO of Harmony, started a top-rated CBD company to advocate for her child’s medical needs.
  • Joy Beckerman, founder of Hemp Ace International, is the Godmother of industrial hemp in the United States, supporting the movement for the past 30 years.
  • Dr. Felecia Dawson has been acknowledged by Essence Magazine as one of the leading Black female obstetrician gynecologists in the nation.
  • Dr. Marielle Weintraub is a hemp policy and legislative expert and president of the U.S. Hemp Authority.
  • Advocating for hemp feed for livestock, Hunter Buffington is president of the Hemp Feed Coalition.
  • Scheril Murray Powell, Esq. practices cannabis and agricultural law and formerly served as director of federal affairs for the Florida Department of Agriculture.
  • An expert on agricultural law and policy, Marne Coit, runs the Hemp Law program for North Carolina State University Extension.
  • Kelly Flynn, Clemson University’s Emerging Crops Program coordinator, has developed a supply chain map for hemp textiles in the United States.
  • Franny Tacy, owner of Franny’s Farmacy, and Chyncia Rodgers, CEO of HIE Living run successful North Carolina CBD wellness businesses.
  • Sharing secrets of starting a hemp lifestyle brand are Leah Lakstins, founder of Higher Ed Hemp Tours and Melissa Temple-Agosta, founder of the Hemp Lifestyle Network.
  • Atlanta-based eco-wellness and parenting influencer Ari Adams is CEO of ShiftCon Media will be joined by cannabis and hemp social influencers Cait Curley and Lauren Davis.
  • Textile sustainability consultant and ‘hemp hustler’ Brianna Kilcullen formerly worked in the fashion industry for Under Armour and Columbia Sportswear.
  • Czech hemp entrepreneur Hana Gabrielová runs Hempoint, an organic hemp grain operation that provides hemp seed to the European food market.
  • Documentary filmmaker Linda Royal created Bringing Hemp Home, a 2013 film featuring the first hemp home in North Carolina.
  • Mandi Kerr is founder and CEO of the global Hemp Association.
  • Nonprofit spokeswoman Alicia Fall of Her Many Voices shares her expertise on hemp farming in Haiti.

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