Aug 3, 2020
The Hemp Mine Hosting September Field Days

The Hemp Mine (THM) is hosting two field day trial events starting in September. These events are meant to bring awareness to regional genetic performance by offering customers a firsthand experience. National data collection and performance evaluation allows farmers to have the proper tools to forecast, cultivate and bring value to their production.

The Hemp Mine works hard to collaborate with other breeding companies, universities, vendors, and farmers to properly execute on validated field trials. THM Field Days are held annually.  In 2019,  there were over 400 attendees and an even greater attendance is expected this season.

Event Locations And Dates

There will be a max capacity of approximately 150 people per day. Once attendance surpasses 150, the next day will open up for ticket sales to ensure proper social distancing.

  • Sept. 16 — The Hemp Mine Headquarters, Fair Play, South Carolina
    • Formal Educational Presentation by The Hemp Mine – details on this presentation will be shared once RSVP is confirmed.
    • Research and Development walk through to include:
      • Compost Trials
      • Microbial Inoculant Trials
      • Cover Crop Trials
      • Fertilizer Trials
      • Biological Pest Management Trials (Bacillus thuringiensis)
      • Plastic vs Biodegradable Mulch Comparison Trials
      • Commercial and New Variety Trials (~150 varieties in total being trialed side by side)
      • High density autoflower trials
      • Sponsors
      • Vendor presentations
      • Cannabinoid on-site testing Trimming and Shucking Equipment demonstrations
  • Sept. 30 — Raker-Robert’s Young Plants, Litchfield, Michigan
    • Trials include the following:
      • Commercial and New Variety Trials
      • Sponsors
      • Vendor presentations
      • Cannabinoid testing on-site
      • Trimming
      • Shucking

After submitting an RSVP, attendees will receive an agenda for the event with the exact event information (address, time, presentation agenda, sponsorship list and variety handout).

Map of The Hemp Mines trials throughout the U.S. Courtesy of The Hemp Mine.

To RSVP, visit and fill out the Registration Form on the Field Days webpage. Once the form is completed, an “event ticket” must be purchased at a cost of $16 per person. After purchase and completion of the registration form, The Hemp Mine will follow up within 48 hours to confirm successful RSVP.

“To do our part in the progression of this industry, The Hemp Mine, LLC’s 2020 variety trails focus mainly on the East coast but spans across the USA,” said owner Travis Higginbotham. “These trials are not just customers risking a failed season on our behalf or a one-time photo opp. These are real researchers obtaining elaborate data to help us decide where our existing varieties and new introductions perform well for a successful 2021 season. Red (in map above) indicates commercial researchers and green represent university trials. All data will be made public. The circled stars represent the locations in which we will have field day events open to the public.”

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