May 1, 2023
Top trends influencing consumer plant choices

What plants will your customers be looking for this season? A few consumer trends are emerging that offer some insights into the styles, plants and gardening topics your customers are interested in right now. “Tapping into these interests can inspire your customers and spark purchases,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer and trend spotter for Monrovia. “Our consumer research tells us that home gardeners are going to independent garden centers looking for ideas and inspiration. Creating displays and developing educational opportunities on these trending topics provides value your customers won’t get anywhere else. It also gives you the opportunity to tell them what they didn’t know they needed.”

Here is a look at the top three trends influencing the plant choices your customers will be making this season.

Nostalgia Varieties

Home gardeners are returning to classic flowers. Roses, hydrangea, peony, and other flowering shrubs that may be thought of as old fashioned are now in demand. These timeless flowers, with large blooms bring gardeners back to simpler times and offer a connection to older relatives that may have influenced their love of gardening. “This return to nostalgic plants is part of the larger trend we’re seeing called the New Victorian Garden,” adds Tamony. “Think big, beautiful blooms, softer colors, and a return to romance in the garden. Modern breeding is making these traditional plants even better for home gardeners, making them easier to grow and providing more blooms than shrubs of the past. Helping your customers connect the old with the new can play to their affection for the past.”


Interest in more natural garden spaces is also on the rise. “This trend appeals to customers who want landscapes that don’t look landscaped,” says Tamony. “Homeowners are welcoming pollinators into their gardens with plants that offer pollen, nectar, and structure. They’re mixing edibles with shrubs and perennials, creating their own Eden. Wilding builds on the Garden of Abundance trend, with a newfound freedom in garden design, and an increased interest in soil heath and doing good for the environment.” Gardeners interested in this trend are often drawn to natives. “It’s a wonderful educational opportunity,” adds Tamony. “Home gardeners are drawn to the term native, but that term can mean different things to each person. Many times, they are looking for climate appropriate plants, pollinator attractors or drought tolerant varieties. Showing your customers not only natives, but other problem-solving plants can open a whole new selection for their garden.”

Private Retreats

Focusing on personal health is now a status symbol. Many homeowners are looking to create a relaxing, private oasis where we can shut out the chaos of everyday life. They are also recognizing the well-being benefits of nature, and the calming effects time in the garden can bring. “Our followers are very interested in upscale relaxation spaces,” says Tamony. “Plants are the perfect design accessory for these private retreats. They help define the space and allow us to connect to nature. We’re seeing larger houseplants being brought outdoors for instant impact, use of grasses to create movement and consumers splurging on a ‘must-have’ plant. Creating displays that help customers envision their own calming retreat can serve as inspiration and push them to purchase.”

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