Aug 21, 2023
Verano Holdings Corp appoints new president and board member

Verano Holdings Corp., a multistate cannabis company, announced the appointment of John Tipton, president of the Southern Region, and Charles Mueller to its board of directors in conjunction with the retirement of Mike Smullen.

“We are pleased to welcome John and Charles as the newest members of the Verano board of directors and thank Mike for his years of service to the organization,” said George Archos, founder and CEO of Verano. “John has built an impressive operation in Florida and has been an incredible contributor to the Company, while Charles brings a deep tax and accounting background, including over 35 years at PepsiCo, that nicely complements the board’s skillset. The board looks forward to working alongside John and Charles in supporting the continued growth of the organization and providing high-quality products and exceptional hospitality for our growing patient and consumer base.”

Following Smullen’s resignation from the board on July 19, the board approved a proposal to increase in size from four to five members, with Tipton and Mueller filling the two vacancies. Smullen’s resignation is solely related to his desire to retire and is not the result of any disagreement between Smullen and the company, its management, the board or any committee of the board or with respect to any matter relating to the company’s operations, policies and practices.

Tipton served as president of the Verano from February 2021 until June 2023, when he was named president of the Southern Region. Beginning in 1997, he served as CEO of Plants of Ruskin, which became a subsidiary of Verano upon its acquisition in February 2021 and its entrance into the Florida market.

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