Feb 10, 2022
Yellow Acre Farms Creates New Possibilities for Infusing Cannabinoids Into Consumables

Yellow Acre Farms (YAF) has submitted an industry first, “Method for Administering Cannabis-Derived Compounds,” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The technology, developed by YAF’s research and development team, is capable of delivering various cannabis-derived compounds to the body with high bioavailability and extended duration of action via a variable molecule size nanoemulsion.

It’s a mouthful, but for consumer product brands, it all translates to new possibilities in infusing cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds into longer-lasting liquid, solid, or other consumable forms. This means that consumers can expect new and better inclusion of Cannabis compounds into beverages, syrups, sprays, gummies, sublingual strips, candy, and gel capsules.

“To say that we’re super excited here doesn’t even begin to cover it,” said YAF’s CEO Adan Arriaga.

“We’re ready to shake up the industry in ways we haven’t seen before. We already know that variable molecule sizes will be the industry standard as more products seek to incorporate CBDa and CBGa with other cannabinoids into their beverages and edibles. We’re poised to play a vital role in giving consumers more options to support their health and well-being.”