Aug 4, 2021
Ziese Farms, Rodale Institute Launch Hemp Food Research

Ziese Farms has entered a hemp research partnership and patent licensing agreement with the Rodale Institute, a non-profit supporting research on organic farming. Ziese Farms is a hemp food company that has achieved the first and only known allowances for the use of the hemp leaf for foods such as baby hemp greens. The company has developed IP and patent pending hemp cultivars, raw leaf foods, protein and other products.

Ziese Farms granted Rodale Institute a license to the hemp/cannabis patents for use in research during the projects. Additionally, Panacea Plant Sciences, a cannabis biotech company, has licensed a patent for hemp cultivation to Rodale Institute and Ziese Farms for the research project.

The study by Rodale Institute and Ziese Farms will produce publicly available data to support the farmers of the world, while also generating proprietary data for Ziese Farms. The data is expected to be published in 2022-3.

Ziese Farms Baby Hemp Greens and Hemp Leaf foods are available at several grocers and restaurants. Ziese Farms hemp leaf foods were featured at George Clinton’s 80th birthday party. Chef Michael Magliano utilized hemp leaf as a fresh salad green while also frying it for a nice tempura recipe. Visit to see pictures from the event and to learn more about Ziese Farms and hemp.

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