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Oct 2, 2023
BioWorks launches a miticide and insecticide

BioWorks has launched EpiShield, a miticide and insecticide that is formulated for grower ease of use and delivers strong efficacy. Benefits of the EpiShield liquid formulation include 10-28x lower use rates than other oil insecticides, no REI or PHI restrictions and strong efficacy against key pests.

EpiShield by BioWorks

Low use rates allow growers to apply large volumes of water to their crop without handling large volumes of EpiShield and significantly reducing the risk of phytotoxicity to living plant tissue. With up to a 53% higher mortality rate compared to other oil insecticides, EpiShield is labeled for mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies and mealybugs in indoor and outdoor production.

Working on contact, EpiShield results in paralysis, suffocation and desiccation of target insects. EpiShield contains the active ingredients of clove oil, peppermint oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate. This proprietary formulation is ideal for spot sprays where quick access to susceptible areas is important.


  • Exempt from REI and PHI restrictions
  • Use rates 10x-28x lower than traditional horticulture mineral oil products
  • Up to 45x less oil delivered to plants
  • Liquid formulation with 12-month shelf-life at room temperature
  • Excellent IPM program tool with no known risk of pest resistance

“EpiShield gives growers the ideal flexibility for dealing with their mite and insect pest populations,” said Technical Services Manager at BioWorks, Julie Graesch. “With low use rates, no restricted entry interval, and strong efficacy, EpiShield is an excellent tool for their IPM programs.”

Trial Results

BioWorks provides a white paper, which details the trial results of EpiShield. Here is a summary of the some of the data:

Cannabis aphid on hemp

  • Trials carried out on autoflower hemp, Ontario Canada; FarmForest Research.
  • Low rate of EpiShield killed 74.7% of cannabis aphids after three treatments.
  • High rate of EpiShield killed 81.9% of cannabis aphids after three treatments.

Two-spotted spider mites on lima beans 

  • Trial conducted on “Fordhook 242” lima beans, Victor NY; BioWorks.
  • Low and high rates of EpiShield provided >90% mortality of twospotted spider mites with 10-28x lower rates compared to the horticulture mineral oil treatments.

EpiShield is registered for use in the U.S. For more information on the most recent state registration information, visit

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