Mar 15, 2023
Experience Danziger varieties at CAST

Danziger is celebrating all of the ways nature inspires modern breeding. In addition to showcasing the new 2024 genetics, California Spring Trials attendees will get a sneak peek at new growing programs and retail display concepts. They’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the ways nature inspires Danziger’s technology-driven breeding.

“In our industry working with nature brings so many benefits,” says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO. “From growers to retailers, landscape professionals to home gardeners, plants offer a connection to the world around us. Our 2024 genetics celebrate that connection and nature’s ability to bring calm in the chaos, adding more beauty into our lives.”

Here is a look at just some of the exceptional, new 2024 varieties visitors will be seeing at Danziger’s display in Gilroy, CA. Book your visit today!

Angelonia ‘Alonia Big Cherry’
Beautiful and early blooming, these new Angelonia angustifolia put on a show from spring through summer. New colors being introduced for 2024 include ‘Alonia Big Cherry’. This variety’s bright, fuchsia blooms captured attention at Danziger’s InnovationFest, quickly becoming a customer favorite. All the Alonia series offer great heat tolerance and an upright habit. They can be grown in small pots but continue to gain size in the garden.

Calibrachoa ‘Colibri Spark Purple’
Danziger is adding a little spark to the Colibri calibrachoa series with a new special pattern. ‘Colibri Spark Purple’ features a sunburst-style eye that adds depth and intrigue. This early flowering, controlled growth series requires very little PGRs, making it the perfect choice for small pot production and tidy hanging baskets.

Petunia ‘Amazonas Plum Cockatoo’
Danziger’s brand-new petunia had heads turning at InnovationFest. ‘Amazonas Plum Cockatoo’ brings a bit of the rainforest to gardens everywhere. Lush, green hues pair with vivid, tropical purples to create a truly unique petunia. This unique variety brings a calming backdrop of natural color that pairs well with foliage plants in the garden.

Osteospermum ‘Osticade Twilight Moon’ 
The new colors of the Osticade osteospermum series have people wondering if it’s one plant or a combination. These new Osteospermum ecklonis bring a variety of colors to one plant. ‘Osticade Twilight Moon’ creates a multi-color look all in one variety, featuring sunny yellows, deep pinks, and sunset oranges. The Osticade series’ semi-trailing habit creates stunning hanging baskets and patio pots and can be grown in a warm greenhouse with no cooling needed.

Calibrachoa ‘Lia Spark Pink’ 
Danziger’s medium vigor calibrachoa series will get an electric new pattern in 2024. ‘Lia Spark Pink’ calibrachoa brings beautiful pink blooms highlighted by a sunburst eye pattern to the series. These well-branched calibrachoas create stunning baskets and combinations.

Lantana ‘Gem Pearl’ 
When you think of summer color, lantana tops the list. Because it was developed in Israel, Danziger’s Gem lantana series offers superior heat tolerance. Both Gem and Gem Compact have been tested and trialed extensively for bloom cycling and are proven to provide loads of flowers even in hot weather. The bright white and yellow blooms of ‘Gem Pearl’ lantana are a must-have for late spring and summer programs.

Petunia ‘Amore Princess Pink’
Home gardeners will swoon over the new addition to the Amore Petunia series. ‘Amore Pink Princess’ features five lovely, soft-pink hearts on every bloom. This heart pattern creates eye-catching pots, beautiful hanging baskets and unique combinations.

Powerful, Groundbreaking Perennials

Danziger perennials offer growers flexibility and the long-lasting flower power every home gardener craves.

Echinacea ‘Guatemala Gold’ 
Danziger is adding a new echinacea series to its 2024 collection. ‘Guatemala Gold ‘ features golden sunset-hued petals that surround beautiful tall cones. ‘Guatemala Gold’ flowers in weeks 22 to 24, then provides long-lasting bloom power for the home gardener. It is the second URC echinacea to hit the market (Danziger’s award-winning ‘Panama Red’ was the first.) Guatemala is a first-year flowering perennial with no vernalization or bulking required.

Lavender ‘Layla Presto Blue’ 
Danziger’s Layla series of Lavendula angustifolia is one of the earliest flowering English lavenders on the market. ‘Layla Presto Blue’ is even earlier – up to ten days earlier than the original blue. Presto Blue brings more beauty to the garden too, flowering from spring into the heat of summer with larger, eye-catching blooms. This first year flowering perennial does not require vernalization or bulking.

Salvia ‘Pink Nebula’
Danziger’s Salvia nemorosa provide out-of-this-world performance in the garden, with colorful blooms that cover the plant all summer long. These early and uniform Salvia nemorosa feature colorful blooms atop strong stems and don’t require vernalization or bulking. New for 2024, ‘Pink Nebula’ brings striking, rosy-pink color that will turn heads at the garden center. This new salvia is similar in habit and performance to Danziger’s popular Dark Matter variety.

CAST visitors will also get a chance to learn more about Danziger’s new foliage program. Floresta is setting a new standard in foliage with reliable plant material and consistent availability.  The company is propagating and supplying foliage plants from their state-of-the-art facility in Guatemala. Danziger Guatemala is in full production of more than 150 varieties with more being introduced regularly.