Jan 18, 2023
Danziger Introduces Floresta Foliage

Danziger is creating a new standard of foliage production, bringing plant material and consistent availability to growers across North America. The new program, called Floresta, will offer more than 150 varieties, with more being introduced regularly. Floresta translates to forest, bringing to mind a collection of lush, beautiful plants from a tropical rainforest.

The company is propagating and supplying foliage plants from their facility in Guatemala. Danziger Guatemala is in full production of leading different crops including peperomia, philodendron, pothos, dieffenbachia and many more. “The days of low-quality foliage cuttings and inconsistent availability are gone,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America. “Other foliage programs are done outdoors, under banana trees where the rainy season can cause serious problems. We’re taking production indoors to a clean environment and starting with high-quality source material to develop cuttings. Indoor production gives us a better environment with no weather concerns, allowing us to produce consistent crops and make availability more consistent too.”

“Our facility in Guatemala is known for supplying the highest quality, clean genetics for annuals and perennials,” says Omri Cohen, chief executive officer of Danziger Guatemala. “We have exceptionally high standards and sanitation protocols for our production. We’re bringing those same standards to our foliage program. This is going to create very uniform, high-quality cuttings and stable availability in North America.”

Floresta will feature the same consistent and reliable supply information as Danziger’s annuals and perennials as well, with online availability and continuous weekly inventory updated regularly. “Customer service is a key differentiator for Danziger,” adds Cohen. “Our service offers reliability, flexibility and last-minute ordering you will find only at Danziger. This includes our foliage program – something that is totally new in the market. That means when you order a product from Danziger, it’s yours. We stand by our orders.”

Recent expansion at Danziger Guatemala brings the total greenhouse area to 25 acres (approximately 10 hectares). The farm’s greenhouses feature state-of-the-art technology, optimizing production for each different type of crop. Staff at the Nueva-Santa Rosa facility is also expanding, with more employees specializing in foliage production.

With 70% of consumers calling themselves ‘plant parents’, houseplants are a trend that is here to stay. “As consumers learn more about the benefits of plants, their interest will continue to grow,” adds Fernandez. “Having cleaner cuttings and reliable availability is not only good for growers, it’s also great for retailers and will keep consumers engaged and growing.”

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