Oct 27, 2022
Express Seed Co. Gets Exclusive Poinsettia License From Syngenta Flowers

Express Seed Co. has obtained an exclusive license to Syngenta Flowers’ poinsettia portfolio. The two companies are working closely together to ensure reliable supply and a smooth transfer of all activities.

Scott Valentine, Express Seed Co. CEO, is looking forward to taking the lead on licensing, production and future development of this product line. “Since Syngenta’s announcement in July, we knew we wanted to step up and help our growers to secure reliable, quality cuttings for these well-known and respected varieties,” says Valentine. “Our technical support, product development, logistics capabilities and strong relationships with global production partners are well-matched to ensure uninterrupted supply for our growers in 2023 and beyond.”

For the North American market, production will remain at Vivero Internacional S.A. de C.V. Vivero’s strict protocols will continue to ensure a high-quality, reliable cutting supply. Express will license the varieties for sale in all other global markets.

The existing team of sales, product and technical experts at Express will launch the pipeline of varieties already developed by Syngenta. They will consult with Steve Rinehart for additional expertise on growing and meeting growers’ expectations on new varieties.

Valentine said, “We are thrilled to have access to Steve Rinehart as a consultant; his 40 years of experience in the poinsettia market will help our team be successful.”

Syngenta’s orders for unrooted cuttings in 2023 are expected to be transferred to Express Seed Co. Express will maintain existing agreements for sales of unrooted cuttings in the U.S. In Canada, Express Seed Co. will exclusively sell unrooted cuttings. Liners in both markets will be available from existing producers.

This portfolio includes many well-known varieties like ‘Mirage Red’, ;Orion Early Red’, ‘Whitestar’, ‘Lyra Red’, ‘Mars Early Red’, ‘Red Elf’, ‘Titan Red’ and ‘Cortez Burgundy’, among others.