Nov 14, 2019
Gravitas Kannavis Launching Industrial Hemp Biomass Processors

Gravitas Kannavis, a division of Gravitas Infinitum, LLC (a Health & Wellness Holding Company) announced its Ultra Series – Organic Industrial Hemp Biomass Processors during the Florida Industrial Hemp Conference in Orlando.

“We are working with mid-size and large-scale growers with processing requirements in the millions of pounds of hemp biomass per year. Our systems can scale from 3 tons per day to over 100 tons per day of any wet, green, or dry biomass, which will serve the farmer’s high-demand processing needs,” said Allen Witters, CEO.

The Ultra Series Processors provide industrial-scale technology and processes that are superior in molecular extraction of oils, and other high-value molecules from the hemp biomass. With the Ultra Series Processors, all 1,100 molecule types are extracted. The CO2 and solvent extractors are unsafe, damage the molecules, are not organic, create large waste streams, do not scale, and require dry biomass only.

The systems help limit risks across the entire value chain. Gravitas is developing a strategy for creating biomass processing hubs and a mobile processing capability to provide industrial scale throughputs to optimize value of the entire hemp plant.

“We are very appreciative of the positive feedback we received from our booth visitors at the Florida Industrial Hemp Conference and Event about Gravitas’ farmer/grower and nutraceutical programs,” said John Arciero, COO.

First deliveries of the Ultra Series processors are being scheduled for Q2-2020.

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