Apr 4, 2024
International Plant Trialing Conference returning in 2025

All-America Selections announced the International Plant Trialing Conference will take place in the upper Midwest in October 2025. Registration will open November 1.

The first International Plant Trialing Conference was held in the UK in 2011, with subsequent meetings held in 2013 at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and in 2015 in conjunction with the Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon.

Looking to enhance the profitability and refine the functionality of your trials? Breeders, AAS judges, trial managers, trial coordinators and academics will all benefit from this two-day conference.

Expert-led seminars will take place on topic such as:

  • The Business of Trialing
  • The Value of Trials
  • Best Practices
  • Marketing of Trials
  • Trialing Software
  • Trial Reports
  • Ornamentals and Edibles

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