Jan 14, 2022
New Services Added to Colorado’s Hemp Online Portal

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) together with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) have released an update to the Hemp Online Portal (HOP), which allows Colorado’s hemp industry to access online tools necessary to meet newly implemented hemp rules and regulations.

The updated application will make it easier for hemp registrants to find all the services they need in one place. The expanded interface will also include a list of testing laboratories certified by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) to test hemp samples and provide a way for 3rd party hemp samplers to apply for state certification.

“In an increasingly digital world, it’s important for public service agencies to provide streamlined and efficient online services, and the Hemp Online Portal will allow Coloradans in the growing hemp industry a central application to access the services they need,” said Wondirad Gebru, Director of Plant Industry Division which oversees Colorado’s Hemp Program.

The HOP has been in use for the past two years and was developed by the State of Colorado to provide efficient services to hemp registrants and stakeholders. The new version of the application was launched today. Some of the enhanced features of the portal include:

  • Users will include hemp registrants, certified laboratories, authorized samplers, and CDA staff (new)
  • Certified testing laboratories can enter test results (new)
  • Producers can access registration information (new)
  • R&D companies can register and upload scope of research and disposal plans (new)
  • Registrants can pay fees
  • Application updates assist hemp registrants to meet newly implemented rules, and
  • Improved efficiency will decrease processing time for CDA staff

    Additional enhancements and features, like access to test and lab results, are in development for release later in 2022.

The launch of HOP coincides with the January 2022 implementation of Colorado’s USDA-approved State Hemp Management Plan, which provides details on practices and procedures to enable hemp registrants to operate in Colorado in compliance with federal laws.

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