Maximizing the greenhouse

Manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985, Climate Control Systems Inc. has three flagship products helping growers maximize cr... more »

Cannabis water use efficiency under more supplemental light

Cannabis cultivation is rapidly increasing and growers are looking into the latest research advancements and technology to boost p... more »

Cannabis plant nutrition

To efficiently grow cannabis, the plant requires three key nutrients — nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Nitrogen is importa... more »

BioWorks launches a miticide and insecticide

BioWorks has launched EpiShield, a miticide and insecticide that is formulated for grower ease of use and delivers strong efficacy. Benefits of the Ep... more »

BioSafe Systems mourns the loss of Mike Larose

BioSafe Systems’ shared that all its staff is mourning the loss of Mike Larose, the eldest of the third generation of BioSafe Systems’ founding fa... more »

Housing Works Cannabis Co directs millions in proceeds to community

In just six months of sales, Housing Works Cannabis Co, a CAURD licensee and the first adult-use cannabis dispensary in the state of New York, has di... more »


Climate Optimization for Cannabis

A healthy, consistent cannabis crop relies on precisely managing temperature and humidity. more »

Irrigation Considerations for Cannabis

Irrigation is vital to maintaining the uniformity that customers will expect from a grower’s product. more »

Cannabis & Hemp Tips for Greenhouse and Field Cultivation

Four growers give their advice on some of the most challenging aspects of cannabis cultivation. more »

Outstanding Cannabis Flowering Depends on the Roots

The importance of using specialized growing media for enhanced performance while growing cannabis. more »

Duets: Gender Bias in Horticulture: Part 2

Next generation women move forward. more »
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