April 2021

“Hidden” Benefits of Supplemental Lighting

Greenhouse growers in temperate climates do not take light for granted. Sunlight is among the most limiting factors in the production of greenhouse crops grown from late fall to early spring, when the... more

Captivating Perennials — Part 2

This second round of notable and colorful perennial varieties demonstrated high impact in 2020 plant trials.

Chat Room — April 2021

This month, we asked readers about perennials, pest and disease concerns, and California Summer Trials. Here’s what they had to say.

Culture Report: Leucanthemum ‘Sweet Daisy Birdy’

A new standard in a summer staple, this innovative perennial variety is an unstoppable performer in any location.

Improve Rooting, Plant Establishment and Growth of Cuttings

Two new products treat cuttings of hard-to-root and slow-growing plants.

Perennial Problems with Mildew, Rust and White Smut

Which pathogens should you expect, and how can you counteract them?

Scientific Discovery’s Moment of Excitement

Today’s guest is John Erwin, professor of environmental physiology, ornamental crop production and controlled environment agriculture at the University of Maryland. John received degrees from Delawa... more

Sensory Engaging Plants for Therapeutic Gardens

As green industry professionals, we have firsthand experience with the restorative benefits of tending gardens and growing plants. For the past 10+ years since earning my horticultural therapy certifi... more

Tips on Mealybugs

Question: What are your recommendations regarding the management of mealybugs in greenhouse production systems? Answer: The question you ask is very appropriate and timely. In general, the common m... more

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