July 2020

All Eyes on 2021

With the absence of the Spring Trials trek this year, breeders have been virtually sharing all their new introductions with the industry over the past few months. Here is a small selection of what’s to come for 2021 and beyond.

Captivating Color Combinations

These designer baskets provided superior visual impact at the Costa Farms trial garden this year.

Chat Room — July 2020

This month, we asked readers about Mother’s Day weekend, growing multi-liner combos and technology investments. Click on the PDF below to see what they had to say.  ... more

Culture Report: Celosia Sol Series

The new celosia Sol collection creates contrast and helps reinvigorate your foliage programs with unique plant texture.

Finding Safe Genetics as a Finished Cannabis Grower

Not all states or countries are created equal in the cannabis industry. Regulations can be tough to navigate depending on which state you are doing business in. Most states have a strict state-run tra... more

Indoor Propagation

We use greenhouses primarily to regulate the environment inside, creating conditions suitable for plant growth most or all of the year. However, greenhouses are still subject to weather conditions and... more

Revisiting Broad Mite

Question: Broad mites seem to be more of a problem and are very difficult to control. What are your recommendations for managing this pest? Answer: Yes, I would agree that broad mites are becoming ... more

The Demand for Local & Sustainable Food

How will artificial intelligence fuel a greenhouse boom?

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