Sep 27, 2022
Bailey Publishes 2023 First Editions Catalog

The 2023 First Editions Shrubs & Trees catalog is now available in print and online.

Bailey Consumer Brand First Editions Shrubs & Trees is a curated collection of unique varieties that offer solutions to growers, retailers and consumers across multiple regions. Each year, a new First Editions catalog is released, and Bailey just announced the 2023 First Editions Marketing Program & Plant catalog is now available in print and online.

The First Editions catalog is full of important information about the brand, the plants, and the innovative marketing work being done to ensure everyone has success with these plants. Here are some can’t-miss highlights:

• Learn what goes into making a First Editions plant by following the process from plant selection through testing and trialing, production, and marketing and supply chain fulfillment.

• Meet the plants that make up the collection, including four new introductions for 2023. Don’t miss the Plants in Action graphs for inspiration on how to use each variety in the landscape.

• Get to know the 25 First Editions Rock Stars, which have risen to the top as best-in-class from propagation, production, retail, and in-ground performance.

• Discover the latest First Editions marketing, merchandising, and online resources that truly make First Editions stand out.

“The First Editions catalog is a key tool we look forward to providing our partners to help set them up for success,” says Ryan McEnaney, marketing and communications manager. “Each year, we adapt the content to not just share what’s new and exciting with the brand, but to deliver additional support, no matter if the reader is a landscaper, grower, garden center or brand licensee.”

The 2023 catalog can be found online at To request a hard copy of the catalog or to request images of First Editions varieties, email

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