Oct 20, 2021
Griffin Expands Product Line with Philips LED Lighting

Griffin, one of the largest horticultural brokers and suppliers in the United States, has entered into a dealer agreement with Signify. Griffin will offer Signify’s portfolio of Philips horticulture LED lighting products to licensed cannabis growers.

“Griffin is a full solution supplier for CEA cultivation, including cannabis and hemp,” said Tami Van Gaal, CEA division leader for Griffin. “The collaboration between Signify and Griffin’s CEA and GGSPro technical team will give customers a true and unique advantage – it’s a lot of knowledge and skills working together between our teams.”

Griffin partners with customers to offer access to a wide assortment of experts in many areas. These experts collaborate to create full solutions to meet the unique requirements of each operation and enhance customer success. The Griffin and Signify teams will collaborate to develop a custom, science-based light solution tailored to customers’ facilities and needs.

“Each cannabis cultivation site is unique, and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to lighting these crops,” said Van Gaal. “Through our relationship with Signify, we expand our world-class options in LED lighting. Organizations planning their new facilities or upgrading their lighting can confidently make Griffin their first call.”

The agreement highlights the values and quality both companies share.

“Signify and Griffin share many of the same philosophies when it comes to customer service,” said Henry Olson, the North America commercial leader for Signify’s Agriculture division. “We both strive to fully understand the customer goals, then present a solution tailored to the objective. We both value data and science to inform decisions. And we both recognize the importance of high quality, reliable solutions, and service after the sale.”

Signify offers solutions for both greenhouse and indoor cannabis cultivation including Philips LED toplighting compact, Philips toplighting linear, Philips LED interlighting, and the newest addition, Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting. Philips LED gridighting is a grow light designed for bench or tiered rack grows and provides flawless canopy light uniformity, to steer uniform bud development and grow top-shelf flowers.

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