Apr 7, 2017
LumiGrow Shares LED Research

LumiGrow, a horticultural lighting company, recently hosted an exclusive Growers’ Council at Harrow Research and Development Centre in Ontario, Canada, to discuss results from the industry’s newest spectral science research findings.

Industry-leaders representing a broad range of floriculture, vegetable  and cannabis producers, gathered to learn how to implement modern lighting strategies for their own production.

Melanie Yelton, LumiGrow’s vice president of research, shared preliminary results of recent production trials. Highlights from recent LumiGrow LED research include: an increase in flowering observed in cucumber, tomatoes and cannabis; reduction of the spread of powdery mildew in cucumbers using LED lighting; and determination of optimum supplemental LED light intensity for strawberry production.

Xiuming Hao and Shalin Khosla, of Harrow Research, also presented their own trial results in conjunction with giving growers a tour of their greenhouse facility.

“Growers that attend the LumiGrow Growers’ Council really see value in getting a first-hand look at the plants grown under our LEDs,” shares Melanie Yelton. “Through research done in collaboration with Harrow, we’re constantly uncovering exciting possibilities. For instance, we’re seeing it’s possible to increase production numbers and produce firmer, sweeter fruit in peppers using LEDs.”

Additional LumiGrow research results have shown that 32 days after planting, tomato plants showed a 45 percent increase in height and a 28 percent increase in weight, as well as other benefits related to morphology, flowering, root development and flavor.

The capstone to the meeting was a live demonstration of LumiGrow’s Grow Light Sensor technology, currently being rolled out in LumiGrow’s pilot program. The light sensor measures ambient light from the sun to combine with supplemental light to provide constant light conditions inside the greenhouse.

To learn about some of the latest research findings and for a Grow Light Sensor demo, sign up for the upcoming LumiGrow webinar.

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