Aug 25, 2021
Mycorrhizal Applications Introduces New Inoculant

Mycorrhizal Applications has released MycoApply EndoThrive, a new liquid mycorrhizal inoculant product for professional use. The addition to the MycoApply product line is a suspended liquid concentrate formulation that contains a high concentration of active ingredients on a non-aqueous liquid carrier.

EndoThrive has been formulated to have a two-year shelf life, while also providing other formulation benefits, including its ability to be tank mixed with liquid fertilizers.

“EndoThrive offers many advantages to growers, including its ability to be added to a liquid fertilizer stock tank and applied with a liquid fertilizer feed, which provides application efficiency and labor savings,” said Blair Busenbark, MA’s Sales & Commercial Marketing Manager. “This next-generation formulation has been successfully implemented in the agriculture markets for several years and is the culmination of the first hands-on collaboration between MA’s mycorrhizal experts, and our parent company Valent BioSciences’ expertise and decades of experience in liquid biorational product formulation.”

EndoThrive is designed to allow medium- to large-scale growing operations to incorporate mycorrhizae into their growing protocols efficiently and effectively while avoiding additional labor-intensive steps in their production protocols.

With a liquid carrier and high concentration of active ingredients, EndoThrive can be seamlessly added to crop production practices with no need for any additional steps in the production protocol. Inoculation can be achieved with irrigation or fertilizer application via boom spray, sprinkler, drip irrigation, hand spray, in-furrow, or any method that effectively drenches the crop plant’s root zone to get the propagules into direct contact with the growing roots.

MycoApply EndoThrive has four species of endomycorrhizae: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. etunicatum, and G. aggregatum. These symbiotic soil organisms benefit about 85% of plant species and are included at a very high concentration of 720,000 propagules per pint.  EndoThrive is designed to be diluted at a rate of 8 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of water (which can be achieved via 1:100 injection/dosing equipment). Each 1-pint bottle of MycoApply EndoThrive can make 200 gallons of application solution.

Endomycorrhizae are biological, symbiotic soil fungi, which colonize plants’ root systems and act as a living extension of the roots,  increasing the absorptive surface area and improving the plant’s nutrient and water efficiency.

More information about the MycoApply EndoThrive please visit

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