Apr 9, 2024
New approvals for Velifer from BASF

BASF has received new label registration for Velifer Bioinsecticide/Miticide which allows greenhouse growers to use the product in soil-directed sprays and now in dips and drench applications for greater flexibility in integrated pest management programs. This expanded label also includes new crops: fruit and nut trees, vines, brambles, and bushberries.

Velifer Bioinsecticide/Miticide is a proprietary strain of Beauveria bassiana that provides selective management of mites, thrips, aphids, mealybugs and whiteflies through direct contact in commercial greenhouse operations. It is compatible with beneficials like predators, parasitoids, and greenhouse pollinators like Bombus spp. Additionally, its superior formulation provides excellent plant safety without residue.

“We have been eagerly anticipating the new Velifer Bioinsecticide/Miticide name, and this expanded label is great news for growers,” said Liz Dunbar, BASF product manager for Greenhouse and Nursery. “The dip and drench applications offer more ways to make applications in propagation and on the bench to manage difficult pests.”

BASF will continue to steward the labels for the Velifer Fungal Contact Insecticide/Miticide and new Velifer Bioinsecticide/Miticide product names in the market through the transition to new material.

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