Selecta One signs agreement to use Dümmen Orange’s Intrinsa

Dümmen Orange's disease resistance label Intrinsa will now be used by ornamental breeder Selecta One, according to the new global licensing agreement... more »

Start clean, stay clean in the greenhouse

I’d love to get your perspective on greenhouse sanitation and how that affects insects and diseases taking over in the greenhouse.  Nancy Rechci... more »

MSU plant pathology, entomology centers has new farm manager

A new farm manager has been named to supervise the Michigan State University Plant Pathology and Entomology Research Centers. Jared Andrews will di... more »

New approvals for Velifer from BASF

BASF has received new label registration for Velifer Bioinsecticide/Miticide which allows greenhouse growers to use the product in soil-directed spray... more »

Healthy crops

While spring is in sight, cold weather can linger which means you must ensure your greenhouse operation stays free from common diseases that thrive in... more »

Thrips and botrytis online resource library

Flowers play a vital role in our lives. For your customers, it’s the vibrant bouquets gracing their homes to the blossoms and baskets that adorn spe... more »