May 27, 2020
New Online DLI Calculator Available

SunTracker Technologies has developed a web-based free online calculator to predict monthly daily light integral (DLI) values for anywhere in the world, based on climate-based Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) weather records from over 2,100 weather stations worldwide.

Daily light integral  is a metric for growers trying to decide whether crops will thrive in a given geographic location. It takes into consideration historical weather records that have recorded hourly direct sunlight and diffuse daylight for a minimum of thirty years, and from these calculates the monthly photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) available to field crops.

Previously monthly DLI values had only been calculated and published for the United States. SunTracker’s DLI Calculator performs these calculations for any location on the world using weather records from around the world.

Monthly DLI values are also important for greenhouse operators, however the PAR values inside greenhouses can be considerably less than in the field, and further depend critically on the greenhouse orientation, roof design, glazing properties, and shade covers.

SunTracker Technologies is developing Cerise365 + Greenhouse Designer, a web based greenhouse lighting design software to address these critical issues.

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