Kristine Dyer-Steele is a member of GPN's 2024 Class of Forty Under 40 honorees
40 Under 40, Class of 2024

Kristine Dyer-Steele


BioWorks Inc.

Job Title

Regional sales manager


What 3-4 professional and/or personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

  • I’m proud I get to work with such a wonderful and hardworking team. Becoming a manager and coach and watching the team grow has been one of the highlights of my professional life.
  • Developed and implemented new customer-centric strategies to connect growers with technical experts, helping create innovative crop management strategies and exceptional customer service 
  • Expanding our customer strategies to include channel partners, increasing engagement and bringing more targeted and expedited solutions to the market 

What led you to work in the horticulture industry? 

  • I grew up in a community that was surrounded by big ag. I was always interested in working in the agriculture/horticulture industry but didn’t know the vastness or diversity of opportunities available.
  • I got a job working for a construction equipment company out of college and found myself daydreaming about ways I could build a career in the ag/hort industry.
  • After a year, I took a leap, quit my job and started working in a greenhouse. That experience opened so many doors I never knew existed and I never looked back! 

What’s the best thing about your job? 

  • I get to do what I love, every day.

Describe to a 6-year-old what you do in life? 

  • I help people grow beautiful plants.


What are your favorite hobbies? 

  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Trying new recipes

When you’re not working, what are 2-3 things we could find you doing? 

  • Gardening in the summer
  • Cross-country skiing in the winter
  • Reading Stephen King

Fun Facts

One thing you can’t live without? 

  • Moleskine planner

Do you have any unusual talents, or can you tell us something interesting about yourself that other people may be surprised to find out? 

  • I have a (not so secret) obsession with oysters, how they’re grown and the geographies they’re grown in. I’m a super fast oyster shucker too; maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to compete in a shucking contest. 

What are you (un)secretly good at? 

  • I must have been a baker in a past life, I can bake most anything and everything. 

What are your top three bucket list items? 

  • Spend a summer in the south of France
  • Own a 1956 Ford Thunderbird
  • Meet Martha Stewart

What’s your favorite plant variety and why? 

  • Paeonia lactiflora — reminds me of spending time at my grandparent’s house. Now, I grow them at mine to remember them. 

You’re buying a vacation package to anywhere in the world without a budget, where are you going? 

  • Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone and Osaka, Japan