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Technically Speaking Far Red Light

Technically Speaking: Far-red Light in Greenhouse and Indoor Farming

Far-red is a waveband of light that is marginally visible to us but has profound effects on plant growth and development. Far-red light is often described as radiation with a wavelength between 700 and 800... more »

Enrichment Systems Announces New Patent for Hydroponics

Enrichment Systems LLC, a pioneer in dissolved oxygen systems directed to the indoor and greenhouse agriculture industries, has been awarded a patent for enriching a liquid with gas bubbles. U.S. Patent No. 11,344,852 (the "'852... more »

A rendering of the planned new CEA greenhouse in upstate New York.

Havecon to Build CEA Greenhouses in Upstate NY

Confluent Energies Inc. recently announced Havecon Horticultural Projects and Atrium Agri Consortium to design, engineer and construct its first innovative vegetable production facility in Massena, New York. Confluent Energies said the full investment for the... more »

Everde Growers Buying La Verne Nursery Inc.

Everde Growers recently announced its acquisition of La Verne Nursery, Inc. The purchase follows several strategic acquisitions in Florida, California and Oregon that culminated in a company-wide... more »

Sweden’s Svensson Acquires Hinova

Sweden-based textiles company Svensson, which manufactures climate screens for greenhouse cultivation, recently announced it has acquired Hinova, a producer of innovative vertical ventilation systems. According to a news release, the seed of the deal was... more »

Duets: Soluble Fertilizer Technology Continues to Advance

My guest today is Rick Vetanovetz, director of professional technical services at The Hawthorne Gardening Co. Rick has been in the horticulture industry since the 1970s, when he worked at a greenhouse-garden center. He earned... more »

BioWorks Names Spampinato as Senior Product Manager

David Spampinato has been named senior product manager at BioWorks, which provides expertise and safe, environmentally-responsible products for plant and soil health. In his... more »

Chris Gioia

Hydroponics Supplier Hydra Unlimited Hires Senior Sales Staff

Hydra Unlimited, a leading manufacturer of deep-water culture solutions for craft and commercial hydroponics, has hired Chris Gioia as its new senior business development manager. In this role, Gioia is responsible for new business as... more »

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