Plant Health

Dr. Bugs: Stratiolaelaps scimitus

The Dr. Bugs column helps GPN readers answer questions. In this column, Raymond Cloyd addresses biological control agents and information on fungus gnat larvae and predatory mites. Question: I want to try using biological control... more »

It’s all the buzz

Do adult periodical cicadas actually feed on anything? The Entomological Society of America recently published a USDA-Agricultural Research Service analysis of DNA in Brood X cicadas' gut contents. The periodical cicadas in the genus Magicicada... more »

Gowan acquires global rights to active ingredient

Gowan Crop Protection Limited, an affiliate of Gowan Company, L.L.C., announced recentlythat it has entered into agreements with Syngenta Crop Protection AG to acquire global rights to the active ingredient cyromazine. The acquisition includes product... more »

Dr. Bugs: Can plants influence susceptibility to insecticides?

Answer: You ask a great question. The primary mechanism by which plants can affect insect pests susceptibility to insecticides, or influence the toxicity of insecticides to insect pests, is by inducing a high level of... more »

Project looks at pathogen risks, sanitation for CEA

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) continues to grow in popularity worldwide, but little research has been conducted into potential pathogen risks and sanitation practices. Ana Allende, Ph.D., with the CEBAS-CSIC in Spain, is leading a project... more »

Annuals and perennials

"Work smarter, not harder." If ever there is a time to keep this mantra at the front of your mind, the spring season is it. From annual to perennial, seed to cutting to bare root,... more »

Mycorrhizal Applications introduces OMRI-listed biofungicide for professional use

Mycorrhizal Applications has introduced AmyloShield to its family of biological plant health solutions. AmyloShield is a sustainable, high-potency biofungicide that provides consistent control and suppression of a broad spectrum of fungal diseases. This biofungicide provides... more »

Renaissance BioScience, Certis Belchim partner to create an RNAi-based biopesticide

Renaissance BioScience, a company bioengineering microbes for the global agriculture and food industries, announced that it has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Certis Belchim. Under the JDA, the two companies will collaboratively harness... more »