Plant Health

Mycorrhizal Applications introduces OMRI-listed biofungicide for professional use

Mycorrhizal Applications has introduced AmyloShield to its family of biological plant health solutions. AmyloShield is a sustainable, high-potency biofungicide that provides consistent control and suppression of a broad spectrum of fungal diseases. This biofungicide provides... more »

Renaissance BioScience, Certis Belchim partner to create an RNAi-based biopesticide

Renaissance BioScience, a company bioengineering microbes for the global agriculture and food industries, announced that it has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Certis Belchim. Under the JDA, the two companies will collaboratively harness... more »

Blame it All on My Roots

{Sponsored} Producing high-quality plants is not for the faint of heart and most growers face their fair share of challenges throughout the growing season. Even in a so-called “controlled environment,” plants are often subject to... more »

Case Study: Young’s Plant Farm

Prevention, Preservation and Plant Health

{Sponsored} For six decades, Young’s Plant Farm has built a reputation for producing healthy, beautiful plants for its customers; learn how BASF chemistries help them navigate continuous growth and innovation. In 1961, Gene Young founded... more »

Ornamental Floriculture

Ornamental floriculture-Part 1

This is part one of a two-part series that will highlight the tools and resources to assist growers with potted flowering and foliage plants and cut flowers. Growing ornamental floriculture crops, including potted flowering and... more »

Technically Speaking GPN's September 2023 column feature image

Technically Speaking: The importance of transpiration

Transpiration is the process of water movement from the roots to the shoots of plants. Just like photosynthesis and respiration, it is a requisite function for plant growth. In this article, the specific functions of... more »

Dr. Bugs Feature image

Dr. Bugs: How does growing medium affect nematodes?

Question Can you please provide information on how the growing medium can affect Steinernema feltiae? Answer Steinernema feltiae is an entomopathogenic nematode used in greenhouse production systems to manage fungus gnat, Bradysia spp., larval populations... more »

USDA ARS scientists and research partners find faster, less expensive Lebbeck mealybug detection method

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and research partners have found a faster, safer, and less expensive way for growers to detect the invasive Lebbeck mealybug, according to a... more »