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Culture Report: Snapdragon DoubleShot series

Most of the breeding in snapdragons, Antirrhinum majus, over the last 25 years has been in compact genetics, uniform varieties that are mounded in shape, and usually wider than they are tall. These types are... more »

The Cyclamen Display returns to the Floral Showhouse following three-year hiatus

After a three-year hiatus, the popular Cyclamen Display returns to the Floral Showhouse from Jan. 13–March 3 and is open daily. The Cyclamen Display invites guests to escape the winter weather and explore a tropical... more »

Proven Winners and Walters Gardens launch ART & SOL Mangave plant collection

In 2024, Walters Gardens will bring six of its top Mangave varieties into the Proven Winners brand, with more to come soon. Mangave meets the needs of the modern gardener. These large succulent-esque hybrids retain... more »

Proven Winners ColorChoice expands catalog

Spring Meadow Nursery announced the addition of J. Berry's renowned Hollywood Hibiscus to its catalog of Proven Winners ColorChoice flowering shrubs. This strategic partnership between Spring Meadow Nursery and J. Berry marks a significant expansion... more »

Winners’ circle varieties

Adding new varieties to your retail bench is critical for increased sales as new trends emerge and consumers’ wants and needs shift. Choosing new varieties that are tried and true can help you set your... more »

Oglesby Plants International introduces a new caladium

Oglesby Plants International is introducing a new caladium at TPIE in January with unique characteristics that set it apart from most other caladium varieties. 'Kaladium Fairytale Princess', from breeding at the University of Florida, does... more »

Proven Winners ColorChoice shrub named 2024 Flower of the Year in Japan

Buddleia 'Pugster Amethyst', a Proven Winners ColorChoice variety, has earned the 2024 Flower of the Year award from the Japan Flower Selections Association (JFA). Nominated plants are judged for their performance and impact in both field and... more »

Suntory Flowers receives utility patent for mandevillas

Suntory Flowers has been granted patent protections for plants and breeding methods of mandevilla hybrids with distinct pigments that create orange and yellow tones. In the U.S., the following Sun Parasol varieties are included in... more »