Mar 14, 2024
All-America Selections welcomes new judges for 2024 trials

All-America Selections (AAS), has announced 23 new AAS judges. AAS now has seven different trial types and with a need for at least 24 judges for each trial, the number of trialing professionals has recently grown. In addition, as industry icons earn their well-deserved retirement, the next generation of trial experts are willingly stepping into their roles as an AAS trial judge.

The seven AAS trials are:

  1. Seed ornamentals, in-ground
  2. Seed ornamentals, container
  3. Non-seed ornamentals, in-ground
  4. Non-seed ornamentals, container
  5. Edibles, in-ground
  6. Edibles, container
  7. Perennials, in-ground

The following judges have joined the AAS program as a volunteer judge in the past year:

  1. Abby Makowski, MSU Horticulture Gardens, East Lansing, Michigan
  2. Adam Thompson, Moss Greenhouses, Jerome, Idaho
  3. Amy Gonzalez, Syngenta Flowers, Gilroy, California
  4. Chad Miller, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado
  5. Daniel Livingston, Moore Farms Botanical Garden, Lake City, South Carolina
  6. Dana Freeman, Nebraska Extension, Omaha, Nebraska
  7. Ella Van Kampen, West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris, Minnesota
  8. Emily Rakela, Costa Farms, Miami, Florida
  9. Farren Johns Mathis, Territorial Seeds, Cottage Grove, OR
  10. James Langley, Lee College, Huntsville, Texas
  11. Jana Uy, Costa Layman, Trenton, South Carolina
  12. Jenna Monnin Bonnoront, Growfully, Fort Loramie, Ohio
  13. Jennifer Moro, Bayer, Woodland, California
  14. Jennifer Northam, Univ. of Tennessee Gardens, Knoxville, Tennessee
  15. Jesus Benitez, Ball Horticultural, West Chicago, Illinois
  16. Karen Daubman, Massachusetts Horticulture Society, Wellesley, Massachusetts
  17. Melissa Winchester, Mast Young Plants, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  18. Miya Sohoza, Harris Seeds, Rochester, New York
  19. Nadine Dam, William Dam Seeds, Dundas, Ontario
  20. Patrick Hogan, Ball Horticultural, West Chicago, Illinois
  21. Paul Stratton, City of Tulsa Parks & Rec, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  22. Rhonda Helsley, Moss Greenhouses, Jerome, Idaho
  23. Stephanie Buchwitz, PanAmerican Seed, Santa Paula, California

To find out more about All-America Selections, visit their website or contact Diane Blazek.