Vaughn’s View

Vaughn’s View: Colorful, Exciting, Distinctive Perennials

The first perennial article I wrote for GPN in the fall of 2017 focused on the participation of perennial breeders in the summer trials program and the proliferation of new varieties for evaluation, promotion, and... more »

Begonia Solenia Apricot from Beekenkamp

All Star Begonias

Two years ago, I wrote an article on new begonia varieties and have focused on specific varieties in previous and subsequent articles. The diversity and uniqueness of the new begonia introductions from multiple breeders continue... more »

Proven Summer Performers

In this article I will focus on the annual introductions for 2018 from Proven Winners and their performance in summer trials this year. The Proven Winners organization is committed to university and public trials throughout... more »

Summer Trials: Top-Performing Seed Annuals — Part 2

Last month, I began highlighting seed introductions that have been trialed the past few years from many of the different breeding companies. This month, I will continue my evaluations of seed varieties. These plants were... more »

Summer Trials: Top-Performing Seed Annuals

In the last two articles I focused on specific breeding companies and their top-performing vegetative varieties. This month and next, I will highlight seed introductions over the past few years from many different breeding companies.... more »

Impressive Bidens, Calendula, Salvia and More from Kientzler

Kientzler has brought new genetics to the North American horticultural industry, specifically since 2014 when they began offering URC availability through Innova Plants and liners through root and sell producers. The company has broadened its... more »

Echinacea, Coleus and More from Terra Nova Nurseries

Editor’s Note: Vaughn’s View is a new column introduced in 2017 in which industry consultant Vaughn Fletcher will share insights on variety performance from various trials across the country. I have had the opportunity to... more »