April 2014

Are You Practicing Proactive Pest Control?

What are you doing to keep pests out of your greenhouses? Kansas State University professor and extension entomologist Raymond Cloyd says sanitation is the first line of defense in plant production an... more

Are You Ready for the Revival?

Big growers from across the country definitely knew the way to San Jose in February. They traveled to the heart of Silicon Valley to participate in GPN's seventh annual Big Grower Executive Summit... more

Crop Culture Report: Euphorbia Princettia Series

Princettia euphorbias offer opportunities to be presented as a premium gift plant year-round.

Disease Discussions: Rediscovering Clean Stock

MLD: Petunias are in the news again, with Tobacco mosaic virus causing them to be stunted and to show dieback, yellow veins, leaf strapping and mosaic. The cases I've seen have been ugly. This is ... more

Light Diffusing Screens Help Create Even Climate in Greenhouse

Because of the long winters and warm summers in the Northwest, Smith Gardens needed a solution that would provide even temperatures and a stable climate in its new greenhouses.

Perennial Solutions: Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Standing Ovation’

The ever-changing appearance of this little bluestem gives it a lasting presence in the landscape.

Postproduction of Bedding Plants: A Focus on Ethylene

Ethylene (C2H4) is a colorless gaseous plant hormone with a sweet ether-like odor. It is active at very low concentrations in plants; the presence or absence of which will exhibit positive or negative... more

Scouting 101: What You Need to Know for Integrated Crop Management

Implementing a scouting program can provide intimate knowledge and fast, reliable data important to growing quality crops and revenue

Tips for Producing Vinca Bedding Plants

Last month, I discussed tips for vinca plug production. However, transplanting a healthy plug is just the first step in producing high-quality flowering vinca, as there are always challenges with nutr... more

Using Chlormequat Chloride with Success

Chlormequat chloride, the first plant growth retardant (PGR), was discovered in the late 1950s by Dr. N.E. Tolbert, a chemistry professor at Michigan State University. The first experiments were perfo... more

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