April 2018

Accelerating Growth: What Works and What Does Not

A constant challenge for producers of floriculture crops is to have them at the desired stage of development on pre-determined dates. Oftentimes, this means that plants are starting to flower on the d... more

An Extension Specialist … What I Never Dreamed When I Was a Kid, or Did I?

Have you ever wondered what exactly an Extension Specialist does? An Extension Specialist is a university faculty member who conducts research, extension and education ― all around the needs of a sp... more

Biological Control Agents for Belowground Pests

Question: I often hear about the biological control agents including: parasitoids, predatory mites and predatory bugs for use against aboveground insect and mite pests such as aphids, thrips, whitefli... more

Culture Report: Lavender ‘Phenomenal’

The many aesthetic and therapeutic uses of lavender have made this plant class a top-selling perennial around the world.

Growers Can Conduct Meaningful Trials

Today’s guest is Brian Krug, greenhouse technology leader/ head grower at DowDuPont Pioneer in Johnston, Iowa. Brian received his undergraduate degree at Iowa State University in 2000, interning at ... more

High Country Autumn Perennials

These established varieties displayed superior performance at Colorado State University’s trial garden.

Managing Bedding Plants

Pests, diseases and weeds present numerous challenges to successful plant production. What effective strategies can you implement to ensure you produce vibrant and healthy plants?

Promoting the Power of Plants

Educating consumers about the many different benefits that plants provide is probably one of the easiest ways to get them to buy your products. And a well-informed consumer is more likely to purcha... more

Quality — It Matters

This is a topic I can take personally after spending 20 years in machining and dealing with very tight tolerances. Now, having been in the horticulture industry for 20 years, I can’t seem to just le... more

Update on Algae Control on Ornamentals

The greenhouse is the ideal environment for algae to invade and grow. What can you do to control algae on plants as well as surfaces?

Water & Plant Health

Growers trialing capillary mats report better quality, stronger roots and faster production — not to mention saving water and labor.

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